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Create perfect data pipelines and cloud data warehouses from day one. Extract, Transform, LoadCloud Data WarehousingMade for the Enterprise


ERP systems, applications, services, sales and marketing platforms, event streams, file stores, and databases. See all.


Add, remove, or modify connections at any time with one click.


Control what objects, accounts, or directories get extracted from each source.


The interactive data wrangler lets you control and preview how incoming data is parsed and transformed, without writing any code.


The wrangler recommends transformations for common data types, such as timestamps and IP addresses, to save time.


Optionally, apply custom transformations from any GitHub-hosted script in any language.


Data is loaded into your Redshift or Snowflake data warehouse for immediate analysis.


Automatic optimization of pipelines for fast query times and low compute costs.


Automatic detection and guided resolution of issues such as schema changes and data parsing errors.

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ETL data with Etleap
“With Etleap, we're able to do the ETL end-to-end and get it directly into the hands of whoever's trying to use it right away.”
Data warehouse dashboard


Add or modify data connections with a few clicks. Control what data gets sent, filtered, or redacted.


Add transformation steps for incoming data to keep it clean, standardized, and analysis-ready.


Automatic detection and guided resolution of schema changes and performance issues to keep the data warehouse fast and complete.

No IT dependency

No coding or database administration skills are needed.


Scale data warehouse capacity with a single click to meet your requirements as they grow and keep costs in check.


Connect with any BI, data visualization, analysis, or data science solutions.

Learn more about building cloud data warehouses with Etleap.

Cloud data warehousing with Etleap


Meet compliance requirements: GDPR, HIPAA, and EU-US Privacy Shield. Data is encrypted end-to-end, in transit and at rest, data-access policies restrict who can see data, and more.


Can run as a hosted solution (SaaS) or in your VPC. Data is stored in your Amazon Redshift or Snowflake data warehouses, or your Amazon S3 buckets.


Works with your Single Sign-On (SSO) solution—such as Google, Okta, and Active Directory—for centralized access and permission controls.

Put your data pipelines and warehousing on autopilot.

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