Get your data, and get it right. Every time.

Etleap makes it easy to create your data warehouse. No need for any additional servers or code.

Spend time analyzing data, not finding it.

We connect with every major data platform so you get the info you need to make data-driven decisions.

Built for big data. And we mean big.

Whether you have terabytes of application log files, tons of historical data with a web service, or SQL clusters with hundreds of shards, Etleap will ingest it.

Take the pain out of ETL.

Say goodbye to error-prone scripting and nagging a developer every time you want access to new data.

Stay on top of data issues.

We catch data errors and make sense of them so you can keep you data squeaky-clean.

Evolve with your data.

Schemas change and data sources come and go. This is painful with custom scripts, seamless with Etleap.

We make Redshift easy.

Redshift is awesome for data analysis, but using it effectively can be hard without a trained DBA on your team.

If you like Redshift, you’ll love us.

Let us create, manage, and optimize your Redshift tables over time so you can focus on analyzing your data.

Use any analytics tool you like.

Etleap works great with ChartIO, Looker, Metabase, Mode Analytics, Periscope Data, Tableau, Zoomdata and other analytics tools, or you can roll your own SQL if you prefer.

Product Features

Secure and Compliant

Your data is safe with us. From end-to-end encryption to single sign-on (SSO) support, we take data security and privacy very seriously. Etleap is HIPAA-compliant and EU-US Privacy Shield certified.

Managed and Monitored

We make sure your pipelines keep flowing and that end-to-end latency stays low. If anything is amiss with your data sources or warehouses you’ll be the first to know.

Full Visibility

Your Etleap dashboard shows high-level status of all your pipelines, and lets you drill down into details about current data processing activities and individual pipeline properties.

Data Integrity at Scale

Whether you have a few data pipelines or hundreds; thousands of entities or billions of events - Etleap is architected to scale with your needs and process your data quickly and correctly.

Flexibility and Control

You decide what data to extract from your sources, how it is transformed for analysis, and how it is loaded into your warehouse.

Built for Data Teams

Etleap is built to meet the requirements of both data analysts and developers, and comes with the sharing and admin features data teams need.

Any Transformation

Etleap provides a rich set of transformations that is sufficient in almost all cases. If you need custom transformations you can code them in one of several different supported languages.

Interactive Data Wrangling

With Etleap’s data wrangler you can explore and transform your data in any way you want based on samples of your data. This makes developing transformation scripts easy, and also makes handling data parsing errors a breeze.

Your Data, Your Cloud

We store processed data in your cloud only so you don’t have to worry that any data falls into the wrong hands.

See how Etleap can help you solve data pipeline issues for good.