Analyst-Friendly and Maintenance-Free ETL

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is the process of extracting data from disparate sources, transforming it into a clean and analysis-ready format, and loading it into a data warehouse for analysis.

01 Challenges with ETL 02 Perfect ETL pipelines


Engineering teams are too resource-constrained to build, maintain, and scale ETL processes. Legacy enterprise ETL solutions require costly engineering projects or professional services.


The effort to maintain ETL scripts grows with the need for more pipelines. Events such as schema changes break pipelines, causing data integrity issues and decreased trust that the data is correct.


With custom-built ETL scripts or legacy ETL solutions, analysts become dependent on IT and engineering, causing friction and wasted time.


Create, maintain, and scale ETL pipelines without code. Add sources with a click, manage the data warehouse from the dashboard, and customize transformations with an interactive data wrangler.


Etleap actively monitors ETL pipelines and helps resolve issues such as schema changes and source API limits to ensure data is always reliable and available.


Get any data—even historical data—in any format from over 50+ sources including ERP systems, file storage, cloud services, and more.

“With Etleap, we're able to do the ETL end-to-end and get it directly into the hands of whoever's trying to use it right away.”

Create perfect ETL data pipelines today.

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