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Etleap doesn’t just sync data from A to B. It lets analysts create flexible and scalable data pipelines for complete, reliable, and analysis-ready data without writing any code, while providing governance and compliance for IT/Engineering teams.

Enterprise-grade and Analyst-Friendly ETL

Flexibility & Control

Get just the data you need, with selective data extraction such as specific MySQL tables or Salesforce objects. Connect to sources such as ERP systems, databases, sales and marketing platforms, and more.

Monitoring & Support

Receive alerts and immediate engineering support from Etleap to resolve any data pipeline issues. SLAs available for uptime of your data pipelines.


Set custom transformations with an interactive data wrangler, with SQL modeling (post-load transformation), or with custom code. Have data in a standardized and consistent format by the time it’s in the warehouse or data lake.


Automatic issue detection and resolution such as schema changes. Smart extraction process prioritizes important data before sources’ API limits are reached.

Made for AWS

Built for high-performance with Amazon Redshift or Snowflake data warehouses and Amazon S3 data lakes. Etleap is an AWS Advanced Tier Technology Partner. Etleap will automatically optimize the data warehouse for fast query performance.


Meet data compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and SOC 2. Etleap enables blocking or obfuscation of sensitive data before it ever reaches the warehouse or data lake.

(Etleap is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Stitch Data. The Stitch Data name and logo are registered by Stitch, Inc.)

Get enterprise-grade and analyst-friendly ETL

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