Get up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Pick a data source

Connect any database, web service or custom file store (like logs or CSVs). See all the sources we support.

Tell us what’s important

Set up any transformations and define what data you want in seconds, with a super simple interface.

Get awesome, pristine data

We'll keep it up to date, and you'll never get caught surprised with bad data if anything changes — we’ll give you the heads up.

Leading Data Teams Rely on Etleap Every Day

This is the second time I choose Etleap as my team’s Redshift ETL solution. Some of my sources require lots of data transformation, but Etleap’s wrangler UI makes it easy to set that up. No developer effort is required on my side.
Bob Colner | Director of Marketing & Data Science
PagerDuty migrated from a home-grown ETL solution to Etleap for bringing in business data into Redshift. Etleap’s fast and easy setup not only helped us migrate quickly but we also expanded to more data sources. The service has proven itself to be reliable and low in maintenance with excellent support.
Thomas Dziedzic | Software Engineer
Etleap solved our data silo problem. We integrated our Postgres databases and various kinds of S3 data into Redshift without writing a single line of code. Our Postgres schemas change frequently, but Etleap makes it easy to keep our Redshift schemas up to date.
Matthew Gordon | Head of Data Science

Get your data, and get it right. Every time.

Etleap makes it easy to create your data warehouse. No need for any additional servers or code.

Spend time analyzing data, not finding it.

We connect with every major data platform so you get the info you need to make data-driven decisions.

Built for big data. And we mean big.

Whether you have terabytes of application log files, tons of historical data with a web service, or SQL clusters with hundreds of shards, Etleap will ingest it.

Never worry about ETL ever again.

Say goodbye to error-prone scripting and nagging a developer every time you want access to new data.

Stay on top of data issues.

We catch data errors and make sense of them so you can keep you data squeaky-clean.

Evolve with your data.

Schemas change and data sources come and go. This is painful with custom scripts, seamless with Etleap.

We make Redshift easy.

Redshift is awesome for data analysis, but using it effectively can be hard without a trained DBA on your team.

If you like Redshift, you’ll love us.

Let us create, manage, and optimize your Redshift tables over time so you can focus on analyzing your data.

Use any analytics tool you like.

Etleap works great with ChartIO, Looker, Metabase, Mode Analytics, Periscope Data, Tableau and other analytics tools, or you can roll your own SQL if you prefer.

Stop working for your data. Make it work for you.

Set yourself free from never-ending ETL projects and let your team start making smarter decisions, faster than ever before.