Perfect data pipelines from day one. Create perfect data pipelines and data warehouses with an analyst-friendly and maintenance-free ETL solution.

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Customer First Technology
eMoney’s VP of Business Analytics and PMO discusses their use case for Etleap, Looker, and other technologies that help them put their customers first.

Unlocking insights for all.

Etleap is an ETL solution for engineering, analytics, and data science teams to build data pipelines and data warehouses without friction. Run Etleap as a hosted solution or in your AWS VPC.

Analyst-Friendly and Maintenance-Free ETL

Enable data analysts and data scientists to get the data they need, without tying up engineering resources for setup, maintenance, and scaling.

ETL data with Etleap

Create a Custom Cloud Data Warehouse

Build a complete, secure, and high-performing modern data warehouse in the cloud. Centralize the organization’s data for monitoring, analysis, and modeling.

Cloud data warehousing with Etleap

Data Governance & Compliance

Provide analysts with the data while ensuring compliance and enabling data governance. Remove PII and monitor data before it’s loaded into a data warehouse or data lake.

Data Governance & Compliance with Etleap

Create your perfect data pipelines and warehouse.

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