Perfect data pipelines from day one. Create perfect data pipelines and data warehouses with an analyst-friendly and maintenance-free ETL solution.

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Snowflake + Etleap!
Etleap now supports Snowflake data warehouses! This is Etleap’s third pipeline destination, following Amazon Redshift and S3/Glue.
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AWS DevDay

Create an Amazon Redshift data warehouse with Etleap

OCTOBER 29, 2019
AWS - Seattle, WA
9am - 1pm PST
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Etleap is an ETL solution for engineering, analytics, and data science teams to build data pipelines and data warehouses without friction. Run Etleap as a hosted solution or in your AWS VPC.

Analyst-Friendly and Maintenance-Free ETL

Enable data analysts and data scientists to get the data they need, without tying up engineering resources for setup, maintenance, and scaling.

ETL data with Etleap

Create a Custom Cloud Data Warehouse

Build a complete, secure, and high-performing modern data warehouse in the cloud. Centralize the organization’s data for monitoring, analysis, and modeling.

Cloud data warehousing with Etleap

Data Governance & Compliance

Provide analysts with the data while ensuring compliance and enabling data governance. Remove PII and monitor data before it’s loaded into a data warehouse or data lake.

Data Governance & Compliance with Etleap

Create your perfect data pipelines and warehouse.

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