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Etleap doesn’t require extensive engineering work to set up, maintain, and scale. As a managed ETL service, it actively monitors, maintains, and optimizes data pipelines so you don’t have to.

Perfect Data Pipelines from Day One


Unlike traditional ETL vendors, Etleap is a cloud-native application that’s architected to scale with you. There is no ETL infrastructure for you to set up and maintain.

Made for AWS

Architected for seamless integration with Amazon Redshift or Snowflake data warehouses and Amazon S3 data lakes. Configuration takes a few clicks and doesn’t require any server provisioning. And high performance keeps compute costs and latency low.


Etleap is designed to be used by both developers and data analysts. Modern UI workflows for data pipeline setup and maintenance alleviate the need for specialized knowledge of configuration and scripting. Maintenance processes are automated or simplified into 10-minute tasks that anyone can do.

Reduced Time-to-Value

Traditional ETL projects can take months of setup. Etleap lets you create production-ready data pipelines within days, without compromising functionality or flexibility.

Operational Support

Etleap provides operational and engineering support to help you build and scale your analytics infrastructure, no matter your company size.

Total Cost of Ownership

Etleap eliminates the need for ETL consultants, reduces overhead for ops teams and data warehouse administrators, and reduces the time it takes to complete ETL projects.

(Etleap is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Informatica.)

Get perfect data pipelines from day one

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