Talend Alternative

Focus on shipping products or finding insights, not on building and maintaining ETL pipelines. Etleap lets engineers or analysts create perfect data pipelines in one day, without extensive engineering work to set up, maintain, and scale those pipelines.

Perfect Data Pipelines from Day One


Unlike traditional ETL vendors such as Talend, Etleap is a cloud-native application that takes care of all the infrastructure for running large ETL tasks and maintaining high-availability data pipelines so you don’t have to.

Made for AWS

Enjoy all the benefits of AWS with a seamless integration that ensures high performance, lower compute costs, and low latency. Configure and begin loading data into Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, or Amazon S3 with a few clicks.

Code-Free and Analyst-Friendly

Etleap is designed for both engineers and data analysts. The UI is intuitive and lets even non-technical users create production-ready ETL pipelines on first try. Etleap automatically monitors and resolves common issues such as schema changes.

Reduced Time-to-Value

Talend ETL projects can take a long time to set up. As an alternative, Etleap lets you create production-ready data pipelines within days, without code, and without compromising functionality or flexibility.

Operational Support

Receive priority operational and engineering support from ETL and AWS experts to help build and scale your data infrastructure, regardless of your size.

Reduce Operational Overhead

Etleap reduces overhead for ops teams and data warehouse administrators, and dramatically cuts down the time it takes to complete ETL projects so you can focus on shipping great products or finding business-changing insights.

(Etleap is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Talend. The Talend name and logo are registered by Talend.)

Switch from Talend and get perfect data pipelines from day one

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