Create a Cloud Data Warehouse with Etleap

Cloud data warehousing makes it possible for organizations to centralize their data in one secure, accessible, and maintenance-free place to conduct faster, deeper, and more reliable analysis.

01 Get unified and analysis-ready data 02 Accessible and secure 03 Minimize overhead


Unify and standardize data from multiple sources into one cloud data warehouse (Redshift or Snowflake), where it can be accessed and queried by analysts directly or through any BI solution.


Create data pipelines from any source with a few clicks, without writing code or learning ETL tools. Create custom transformations to format incoming data exactly as you need it.


Get a highly available, scalable, and performant data warehouse without needing constant maintenance or engineering efforts.


End-to-end encryption, user permissions, and SSO integration, and more. Used by enterprises in security, healthcare, finance, and others.


Meet compliance requirements: GDPR, HIPAA, and EU-US Privacy Shield. Control what data gets sent, filtered, or redacted.


Isolate production services and environments from analytical workflows and BI tools.


No coding required. An intuitive UI lets analysts create a cloud data warehouse and data pipelines regardless of their technical abilities.


No infrastructure to configure and maintain. Etleap is provided as a managed service, hosted on secure public or private cloud (VPC).


Automate data warehouse operations such as monitoring pipelines, detecting and resolving schema changes, and optimizing performance.


Lower cost of ownership compared to legacy data warehouses that require professional services, multi-year licenses, and full-time DBAs.


One click to scale the data warehouse as your data volume grows. Etleap scales ETL infrastructure automatically.


Expert data warehouse support included for all customers, regardless of size.

“With Etleap, we're able to do the ETL end-to-end and get it directly into the hands of whoever's trying to use it right away.”

Put your data pipelines and warehousing on autopilot.

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