Data Governance and Compliance

Data governance is the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data used throughout an organization. It also involves ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, and others.

01 Data Governance & Compliance Challenges for Analytics Teams 02 Achieving Data Governance & Compliance with Etleap


Lack of transparency into what data is being used, how, and by whom, makes it difficult to identify and manage security and compliance risks.


Without the ability to de-identify and control the flow of data, organizations face the choice of making all data available to analysts or none at all.


When data is scattered across systems, analysts will extract and work on it in a silo, possibly bypassing security and auditing requirements.

1 - Discover

Use Etleap’s data wrangler to examine the source data and decide exactly what data needs to be prepared for analysis, from which sources, and what PII information it contains.

2 - Transform and Load

Use Etleap to control what data is securely collected from different sources, to block or de-identify sensitive information, and to load it into a data warehouse or data lake.

3 - Monitor and Repeat

As new fields and sources are added, Etleap will alert you so you can ensure sensitive data is not leaking into the data warehouse or data lake, and then repeat the process.

“With Etleap, we're able to do the ETL end-to-end and get it directly into the hands of whoever's trying to use it right away.”

Add governance and compliance to your analytics infrastructure today.

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