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Amazon Web Services

Cloud-native, coding-free ETL‑as‑a‑service built exclusively for AWS.

Amazon Redshift

Get the most out of your Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Etleap integrates your data from any data source and lets you model your data for analytics, while managing job scheduling and dependencies.

Data Lake

Build comprehensive, well-organized data lakes on AWS. Etleap loads data to Amazon S3 and metadata to AWS Glue Data Catalog so that you can access clean, structured data through a range of AWS services.

ETL Built for AWS

Etleap was born on AWS, and is architected to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of AWS services. Let’s look at how Etleap’s data pipeline uses AWS services.

Data Lake

Amazon Redshift

Amazon S3




Optimized Loading

Etleap loads data in parallel from Amazon S3 into your Amazon Redshift data warehouse or Amazon S3 data lake. Etleap creates schemas with the optimal types, and handles schema changes based on changes in sources and transformations.

Amazon Redshift

Etleap lets you take advantage of Amazon Redshift features such as sort- and distribution keys, compression, and materialized views, and lets you model data for analytics through post-load transformation DAGs.

Data Lake

Etleap writes data to your data lake as compressed Parquet files, handles data set versioning, and lets you configure dynamic partitions.


Scalable Transformation

You create transformation scripts using Etleap’s interactive, coding-free data wrangler. These are compiled and run on AWS EMR clusters for high scalability. Data is read from and written to Amazon S3.


Etleap uses auto-scaling AWS EMR clusters, providing fault tolerance and high performance at any scale. AWS EMR’s native Amazon S3 libraries optimize IO.


Source-Native Extraction

To extract data from your data sources, Etleap uses AWS Database Migration Service for CDC if the data source supports it, and native integrations running on AWS EMR otherwise. The extracted data is stored in your Amazon S3 buckets in encrypted form.

Any Data Source

Etleap integrates natively with all kinds of data sources, including on-premises databases, AWS data services such as Amazon RDS, event streams, and file stores. Support for additional sources can be built on demand.


Managed ETL in Your AWS VPC

Maximize Data Privacy

Spin up Etleap inside your VPC with AWS CloudFormation and get a fast and robust ETL solution up and running in minutes. Your data never leaves your AWS cloud.

All the Benefits of SaaS

If you opt in, metrics and de-identified logs are sent to Etleap’s support team so they can actively manage your data pipelines for you. No need for you to hire ETL specialists.

Available on AWS Marketplace

Subscribe to Etleap on AWS Marketplace. Start your 14‑day free trial and get hands-on support from Etleap solution architects!


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Infrastructure-Free ETL on AWS

Fully-Managed Data Pipelines

Sign in to your Etleap account, connect to your data sources, and get clean, structured data in minutes. Etleap’s team manages your data pipelines so you don’t have to.

Secure and Compliant

Etleap’s multi-tenant infrastructure is architected according to AWS best practices, and is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and Privacy Shield. Sign up below to start your free trial!

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