Can we get Salesforce data for analysis?
Is it possible to join data from Salesforce and our production database?
Help us export data from Salesforce to a data warehouse!
Help! Something’s broken in the Salesforce ETL script!

When analysts, data scientists, and executives need insights from Salesforce data combined with data from other sources, they turn to you. Sending and maintaining Salesforce data to a data warehouse quickly becomes a nightmare to maintain and scale with custom ETL scripts.

Some Salesforce ETL solutions sync with a data warehouse, but they don’t capture custom Salesforce objects or new object fields.

Etleap helps you bring the data everyone wants from Salesforce—and disparate data from other sources—into a Redshift data warehouse. It’s easy for analysts to configure and manage, so there’s no IT or engineering work required.

What you can do with
Salesforce + Etleap + Redshift

Get full query and reporting flexibility

With Salesforce data in Redshift, analysts can create any report and dashboard they need, such as lead and opportunity statuses, sales performance, pipeline health reports, and more.

Centralize disparate data sources

Join lead and account data from Salesforce with data from other sources, such as application databases or web traffic logs. Rather than defining complicated processes to ETL data into Salesforce, pipe all the data into Redshift. Run complex queries on all the data.

Capture everything

Etleap handles Salesforce custom objects, and automatically syncs new fields from Salesforce objects into Redshift.

See Etleap in action!

What happens when you use Etleap?

Bigger insights and better business decisions

Centralized data makes it possible to perform sales and financial analysis that couldn’t be done in Salesforce alone. More people will make data-informed decisions when they realize it takes just minutes to ETL data from Salesforce into Redshift along with data from other sources.

Regain your time

Analysts can add and manage Salesforce data connections on their own. Just a few clicks and the data is all there. As a SaaS product, Etleap requires no maintenance or installation.

Peace of mind

Etleap automatically recognizes and adapts to field changes in Salesforce objects, so there are no surprise issues.

Salesforce data remains secure

Control what data gets sent, withheld, or obfuscated before it reaches the data warehouse.

Tackle your biggest engineering challenges

Make CRM, infrastructure and database decisions without worrying about interrupting data pipelines.

Solve Salesforce ETL requests for good.