Can we analyze logs and data files stored in S3?
How do we get datasets from S3 to a Redshift data warehouse?
Could you create an S3-to-Redshift data flow?
Help! The S3 ETL script is broken!

Analysts and data scientists rely on you for clean and accurate data flows from AWS S3. Getting that data into a Redshift warehouse using cron jobs and custom ETL scripts might work at first, but then they turn into time-consuming distractions as things break and support tickets pile up.

This is the end of S3 data flow nightmares.

Etleap makes it possible to set up data flows and transformations (ETL) from S3 to Redshift in less than 10 minutes. Schema and file changes are recognized automatically so there’s nothing to maintain even as your S3 usage scales or changes. Connect other data sources just as easily to join S3 data with other sources in one Redshift data warehouse.

What you can do with
S3 + Etleap + Redshift

Structure any data for easier analysis

Whether you have CSV files, custom-formatted reports, or application logs, the interactive data wrangler in Etleap lets you transform the data into any format or structure that analysts need.

Make changes in S3 without breaking data flows

Etleap automatically recognizes structural changes in data, so there’s no need to worry about breaking ETL processes when something changes in S3.

Scale without bottlenecks

Application logs can get big, and processing them can be slow as a result. Etleap is built to scale elastically and automatically, so data will continue to be processed efficiently even as you scale.

See Etleap in action!

What happens when you use Etleap?

Regain your time

Analysts can add and manage S3 connections on their own. Just a few clicks and the data is all there. Unlike custom ETL scripts and cron jobs, Etleap is a SaaS product and requires no maintenance or installation.

Data remains secure

Data remains secure. Control what S3 data gets sent, withheld, or obfuscated before it reaches Redshift.

Bigger insights and better business decisions

Consolidated data makes it possible to perform analysis that couldn’t be done when data were isolated in S3 files or scattered across buckets.

Tackle your biggest engineering challenges

Make infrastructure and database decisions without worrying about interrupting S3-Redshift data pipelines.

Peace of mind

Etleap automatically recognizes and adapts to S3 schema updates and new files. Just set it and forget it.

Solve S3-Redshift data flows for good.