Etleap makes it possible to set up data pipelines and transformations (ETL) from many sources into Redshift in less than 10 minutes, even by non-technical users. It's the powerful but analyst-friendly ETL solution for Redshift.

Etleap is an Advanced Technology Partner of AWS.

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Benefits Using Etleap for Redshift ETL

Get clean, fast, and complete data

The Etleap transformation process prevents data loss and ensures data integrity, so analysts can spend less time cleaning or looking for missing data and more time on analysis.

Empower users to manage ETL pipelines

Etleap makes it easy for everyone, including non-technical users, to create and manage data pipelines from almost any source into Redshift. It takes just minutes to set up a new pipeline and start seeing data.

Stay secure and compliant

Control what data gets sent, withheld, or obfuscated before it reaches Redshift. Etleap uses end-to-end encryption, supports single sign-on (SSO), is HIPAA-compliant, and is EU-US Privacy Shield certified.

Optimized Redshift performance

Control sort and distribution keys, retention policies, and more to get optimal performance out of Redshift so that analysts can get answers faster.

Spend less time debugging or managing Redshift

Our support team has years of Redshift experience and provides help through email and live chat for a smooth and optimized Redshift data warehouse.

No Redshift database administrator needed

Etleap automatically creates and maintains SQL schemas for accurate data and optimal performance, even if upstream schemas change.

Solve Redshift ETL pipelines for good.