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Centralize your marketing data and get insights across channels and campaigns

Your marketing channels are generating troves of data, but each has its own set of metrics and dashboards. In order to gain insight across channels and campaigns you need to gather all that data in one place, so that you can measure KPIs, compare campaign ROI, and run ad-hoc queries.

The trouble is your developers are too busy to build your data warehouse for you, and ETL tools you have tried in the past don’t give you the flexibility you need.

Etleap makes it easy to build a data warehouse from all your marketing tools, without a developer. See and query all your marketing data in one place, in one format.

Bob Colner | Director of Marketing & Data Science

Some of my sources require lots of data transformation, but Etleap’s wrangler UI makes it easy to set that up. No developer effort is required on my side.

Benefits of Centralizing Marketing Data with Etleap

Collect All Your Data

Collect data from all your marketing tools into a Redshift data warehouse.

Full Control and Flexibility

Choose what data to collect through an intuitive user interface.

No Developers Needed

No coding or development help needed.

Fanatical Support

Full technical support from Etleap for all customers, regardless of size.

Common Data Sources

Need a source that’s not listed? Let us know.
Google AdWords
Google Analytics
Facebook Ads
See all sources Etleap supports

Stop working for your data. Make it work for you.

Set yourself free from never-ending ETL projects and let your team start making smarter decisions, faster than ever before.