Salesforce ETL with Etleap

Discover insights hidden within Salesforce data by making it accessible to analysts in a unified data warehouse using analyst-friendly and maintenance-free ETL pipelines.

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Simple data sync tools can only access standard objects and fields in Salesforce, which contains only a fraction of all the useful data. Salesforce API limits may restrict or delay the flow of data.


Salesforce reports and syncing tools can show the current information available, but not historical data, making historical or trend analysis difficult or impossible.


Regulations, security requirements, and company policies may prohibit the exporting of certain data from Salesforce, such as PII or financial data, or restrict who can perform analysis on that data.


Extract data from custom Salesforce objects and fields, not just standard objects and fields, for deeper analysis. Etleap also stores historical data to enable retrospective analysis on sales performance, growth, and other trends.


Don’t compromise sample size for performance. Etleap handles massive Salesforce tables with ease, and ensures high-priority data is collected before the Salesforce API quota is reached.


Perform more complete and reliable analysis by unifying Salesforce data with data from other sources such as marketing platforms, advertising platforms, internal user databases, or vendor-provided data in one data warehouse.


Salesforce data gets loaded into a data warehouse where it can be accessed and analyzed with any SQL, BI, and data science tool.


Etleap automatically detects schema changes—such as changes in custom objects or fields—and updates the Redshift or Snowflake data warehouse to avoid interruptions.


Create custom transformations to block, redact, or obscure sensitive information and comply with regulations and company policies.

“Instead of waiting weeks or months to access data — or never getting it at all — analysts can now get it within hours.”

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