MySQL ETL with Etleap

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from MySQL databases into a unified data warehouse for accessible and reliable analysis, all without writing and maintaining custom ETL scripts.

01 Reasons to ETL data from MySQL 02 MySQL ETL with Etleap


Mirror MySQL databases to a Redshift data warehouse optimized for better reporting performance.


Isolate production databases while still providing analysts with the data they need.


Centralize data from many MySQL databases—such as from microservices—for more complete analysis.


Etleap makes it easy to create perfect MySQL data pipelines from day one, without any coding or infrastructure work.


Mirror the entire database or choose individual tables. Block, redact, or transform sensitive data to comply with regulations and company policies


Etleap detects new tables and creates ETL pipelines for them. Etleap also detects and resolves issues causes by schema changes or formatting differences between MySQL and the Redshift data warehouse.

“Instead of waiting weeks or months to access data — or never getting it at all — analysts can now get it within hours.”

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