Create a Marketing Data Warehouse with Etleap

Unify marketing and customer data in a data warehouse to unlock insights and increase marketing ROI. Etleap makes it easy to build a data warehouse for marketing data, without code or IT.

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Data Pipelines

Reliable analysis requires reliable data. Etleap makes it easy to add new connections and transformations with a push of a button, then it monitors those pipelines and resolves any issues such as schema changes to keep the data warehouse complete.


A cloud database that is secure yet accessible through any BI tool for analysis. Etleap works on top of an Amazon Redshift or Snowflake database that you own. Etleap makes the database clean, complete, scalable, and high-performing, all through an analyst-friendly interface.


Control of data pipelines, connections, transformations, user permissions, and more. Etleap gives you control to keep the database clean, complete, and secure.


Extract any data (even historical data) from Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Pardot, and other marketing platforms, ERP systems, CRMs, advertising, analytics tools, and databases.


Transform data into a standardized, secure, and analysis-ready format. Redact sensitive information to comply with regulations, standardize user identifiers, extract conversion data, and more.


Load the unified marketing data into a cloud data warehouse, ready for analysis with any BI tool such as Tableau, Mode, Looker, Chartio, Domo, Redash, and others.

“With Etleap, we're able to do the ETL end-to-end and get it directly into the hands of whoever's trying to use it right away.”

Create the perfect marketing data warehouse.

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