Analytics Directors
Integrate all your company’s data into a robust data warehouse so your analysts can do their best work

Your data analysts need access to all relevant data across the company. As a data steward, it’s your responsibility that they get timely access to new data, and that the data they use is correct.

From internal databases to CRMs and external services, the number of systems that generate data keeps increasing. This makes it hard for your data engineers to stay on top of their game, and for you to build and maintain trust in your analyses.

Etleap lets chief data scientists and analysts take the pain out of building and maintaining their data warehouse, and sets their data engineers free to work on more interesting projects.

Matthew Gordon | Head of Data Science

Etleap solved our data silo problem. We integrated our Postgres databases and various kinds of S3 data into Redshift without writing a single line of code. Our Postgres schemas change frequently, but Etleap makes it easy to keep our Redshift schemas up to date.

Benefits of Data Warehousing with Etleap

More time for analysis

Minimize the time and effort spent on operating your data warehouse.

Transparent data processing

Eliminate headache-inducing data issues for your team through interactive data wrangling and parsing error handling.

Lower data warehousing costs

Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your data warehouse.

Improved data trust and availability

Comprehensive monitoring and alerting maximizes the robustness of your data pipelines.

Common Data Sources

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Amazon S3
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Stop working for your data. Make it work for you.

Set yourself free from never-ending ETL projects and let your team start making smarter decisions, faster than ever before.